Brake health and brake repair are essential elements to a vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, but most drivers aren’t aware of just how much stress is placed on a vehicle’s braking system each day. Our Illinois roads present endless hazards and poor driving conditions and those take a toll on brake life. In the hazardous weather conditions of our blistering summers and frozen winters, your brakes need to be in good condition to help keep you safe. McLean Auto Repair’s ASE Certified technicians in Elgin, Illinois, are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to test your brakes system. We will let you know what we find and discuss options for repairs that meet your needs and your budget.

How Will I Know if My Brakes Are Worn?

You may not have a hydraulic lift in your garage to be able to inspect the inner workings of your vehicle, but odds are that you have noticed other clues that point to your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Has your vehicle begun making squealing noises if you engage the brakes? This could mean the brakes are worn, and the sound is created by the brakes spinning on the brake pads without being able to catch. If you feel a shaking during braking, this is also a sign of worn brakes. If they are worn and the brakes have trouble catching, it will cause a shuddering sensation as the brakes try to engage. Finally, if you smell hot rubber or an unusual odor from your vehicle, always bring it to the attention of our ASE Certified technicians in Elgin, Illinois. You know your vehicle better than anyone, and any change in how your vehicle usually performs could be a sign of a growing issue. Catching a problem early is an excellent way to save money on more drastic repairs further down the road! Use our online booking system or call us today for an appointment to go over any concerns you have with your vehicle’s performance: (847) 741-9576

Get The Most Out of Your Brakes!

Brake repair and assessment should be a regular part of your preventative maintenance schedule, but there are also driving habits you can adopt on a daily basis to help ensure longer brake life. Perhaps you use your vehicle mainly for your commute, which means you spend quite a bit of time in traffic. If you are crawling along I-90, you may coast slowly along, but make sure you are not engaging the brake pedal while you coast. Engaging the brakes without actually trying to slow down causes unnecessary wear on the brake pads and will shorten their life. When you are driving at speed, be sure to keep a safe distance between your bumper and the vehicle in front of you. This ensures that, if you have to brake suddenly because of another driver’s maneuver, you will have enough time to come to a complete stop and avoid extreme braking. Finally, scheduling regular brake checks and wheel alignments will give us the opportunity to spot worn brakes or areas of stress before they cause a drastic problem while you’re on the road. Preventative maintenance is a great cost-saving tactic, and improved driving habits are a key to peak performance and longevity. Stop by our shop today to discuss improved driving habits and a preventative maintenance schedule that suits your vehicle: 965 N McLean Boulevard.

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